Renters Insurance North Carolina is available whether you’re living the student life in Chapel Hill or raising a family in Greensboro. Also, getting a renters insurance policy for your rental home is an absolute must. Not only will you reduce your liability, but also many landlords won’t even rent to you without it.


The insurance professionals at Protective Agency want you to know that while you are renting an apartment, home, or condo, your landlord’s insurance policy does not provide coverage for your personal belongings or your personal liability. This is why a renter’s insurance policy from Protective Agency is so valuable.


When renting an apartment or home, your landlord will have insurance coverage for the property. However, your things will not be covered in this policy. Your electronics, furniture, collectibles, family heirlooms, and more will not have any coverage without rental insurance.


Don’t Take the Risk


Rental homes and apartments can offer great value to residents. These options allow families to live without a lot of liabilities, but there still are some. Renters insurance in North Carolina offers residents who are renting affordable coverage to help protect all their personal belongings from the risk of damage, theft, or burglary.


Residents who are renting also need affordable personal liability in the event that a third party is injured while in or on the property you are renting. You don’t want to be held personally liable for medical bills resulting from an injury just because you didn’t get some protection.


Bad things can happen to those who are unprepared, and the insurance professionals at Protective Agency want to make sure you’re better covered. Our renters insurance, provided by highly rated insurance companies, offers the following coverage:


  • Personal Property (contents): Anything within the rented structure that is not attached to the unit is considered personal property. Your insurance will pay to repair or replace any of your damaged personal property resulting from a covered peril.
  • Personal Liability: Your personal liability coverage will beter cover you and your family if you are found liable for injuries to a third party that occurs on or in the property you are renting.
  • Medical Payments: The medical payments coverage is similar to your personal liability coverage, except liability does not have to be proven for a third party to collect this benefit. This is often also called, Medical Payments to Others.
  • Loss of Use: If a covered peril causes damage to the property you’re renting, and you and your family must live elsewhere while the rental home is under repair, your renters insurance will reimburse you for the expenses that result from the loss of use of your home.
  • Optional Coverage: While most North Carolina renter’s insurance policies contain a list of core coverages, there are also optional coverages such as scheduled personal property, credit card, and identity theft that can be added for an additional premium.


Required Coverage


Many landlords today require a personal liability policy from their tenants that lists the landlords as insured as well. By having this coverage with the endorsement of your landlord, your renter’s insurance liability coverage is extended to cover your landlord as well. The licensed professionals at Protective Agency will be happy to add this valuable endorsement and provide proof of liability insurance to your landlord.


It’s What we Do


Insurance is our business. We we focus on keeping your family better covered – no matter what type of coverage you require. The licensed professionals at Protective Agency are available by telephone or in person to help you understand the many coverage options available in North Carolina. You can also reach out online.  


Rather than offering cookie-cutter coverage, our professionals will help you design a renter’s insurance policy that meets your individual needs and your budget. We care about better protecting your finances and will take as much time as necessary to answer all your insurance questions. We are here for you.


Covering All of North Carolina


When the professionals at Protective Agency promise to serve you, we mean it. With 17 offices across our state, we are prepared to provide affordable insurance solutions with outstanding service from experienced professionals.


You’ll find Protective Agents ready and willing to help you in these cities:


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Protecting You is What We Do


When you need affordable and reliable renters insurance, home insurance, vehicle insurance, motorcycle insurance, or commercial vehicle insurance – there’s only one place to go: Protective Agency.

Rental homes and apartments without rental insurance isn’t worth the risk. Your belongings can be gone in an instant, and you would have no recourse to reclaim the value.  After disaster strikes, you need the comfort and security of a policy that’s tailor-made to your situation.


We’re ready and willing to help you get the better coverage you deserve. Our professional, experienced agents know how to research/create a policy that’s a good fit for your needs.


If you need coverage but want low down payments and low premiums, get in touch today. Rental apartments and homes are a quick fix with coverage options to suit your needs.


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