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Commercial auto insurance in NC provides additional types of coverage that are typically required for businesses.  No company can match our 80+ years of service to the Old North State. Skip the time and engergy of starting an inefficient online quote that leads to a phone call.  Go ahead and talk to a real, live agent interested in helping you find coverage that meets the needs of your unique situation. The licensed professionals at Protective Agency understand these differences and will explain them to you, so  you’lll have every opportunity to help protect your business if a loss occurs.  Donna, Melissa and Anita are waiting for your call all day, every day. Desktop users dial-to-call, mobile users tap-to-call (877) 739-9367.


During discussions with prospective clients, many times we find that people who use a vehicle for business purposes actually have it insured under a personal auto policy that excludes coverage for business use. Don’t take that chance! The Protective Agency insurance professionals will be happy to provide commercial auto insurance with affordable rates and financing. We offer commercial insurance policies that provide multiple options such as:


Bodily Injury Liability and Property Damage


This coverage helps protect the business from third party liability claims in the event a company vehicle is involved in an at-fault accident. It can be purchased in “split limits” like a personal auto policy or as “combined single limits” that can go as high as $1 million in coverage.


Medical Payments


Medical Payments coverage provides reimbursement for medical expenses for an insured driver and any passenger in the vehicle. Proof of liability is not required to file a claim under Medical Payments coverage.


Collision Coverage


Collision coverage pays for damages to your vehicle or replacement if it is considered a total loss. The coverage helps protect your vehicle for its actual cash value at the time of the loss. The claims paid are subject to the deductible you selected on your application.


OTC Coverage


Other than collision coverage (OTC) pays if one of your vehicles is stolen or vandalized, and it will pay for damages caused by factors other than a collision, such as if a tree falls on the vehicle or the windshield gets chipped or cracked by a rock or other object.


Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage


Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist (UM) is considered first party coverage that pays injury expenses for an insured driver and/or passengers if involved in an accident where the other  party is uninsured, does not carry sufficient limits to pay for injuries to you and your passengers, or flees the scene of the accident. If you carry this coverage, your commercial auto insurance will step in and pay where others did not.


Optional Coverages


Different types of businesses require different commercial auto insurance coverage, and there are many optional types of coverage available to make certain your business is properly covered. Yes there are many details. We’ll sort them out together on a friendly call. Desktop users dial-to-call, mobile users tap-to-call (877) 739-9367.


  • Non-owned Auto Liability: This will extend your liability coverage for vehicles that are used for business but are not owned by the business, such as an employee’s vehicle.
  • Hired Auto Liability: The hired auto liability endorsement provides liability coverage for vehicles that you rent or lease.
  • Hired Auto Physical Damage: This endorsement will provide physical damage coverage (comp and collision) for vehicles that the business rents or leases.
  • Trailer Interchange: This endorsement provides coverage for non-owned trailers used under a trailer interchange agreement.
  • Towing and Labor: This coverage reimburses the company for towing services and roadside assistance in the event of a breakdown.
  • Rental Reimbursement: This coverage helps cover the cost of renting a replacement vehicle while another unit is temporarily under repair as a result of an accident.
  • Motor Truck Cargo: Motor truck cargo coverage provides coverage for owned and non-owned cargo while in transit on one of your businesses vehicles


Whether your business vehicle(s) is a passenger vehicle or semi-truck, you and your business can depend on the licensed professionals at Protective Agency to design a commercial auto insurance policy to help protect your assets and your company’s liability. With limits up to $1 million and actual cash value coverage on your vehicles, your business can realize greater financial coverage when the unexpected occurs.


At Protective Agency, we provide commercial auto insurance to drivers and companies throughout North Carolina. Make an info call today, desktop users dial-to-call, mobile users tap-to-call (877) 739-9367 today for a free quote.

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