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Looking for Durham NC cheap car insurance with a low down payment? You found it!  Quality car insurance plus other auto insurance including truck insurance, motorcycle insurance, RV insurance, scooter insurance, SUV insurance, commercial truck insurance and commercial car insurance has been provided by our comparison agents over eight decades.  We research, you decide. For low down payments, call an office now at University Drive (919) 416-4900 or Avondale Drive (919) 688-8289! Mobile users may tap to call.

The city of Durham serves as the county seat of Durham County, North Carolina. This historical city which boasts a growing population of over 250,000 residents, is home to Bennett Place, now a historic site which was where the end of the Civil War was negotiated. Also the home to Duke University, Durham is considered the hot spot of North Carolina.


For eight decades as of our anniversary year of 2019, Protective Agency has been the destination of choice for many of Durham’s residents to obtain affordable insurance solutions with low monthly financing.

Our insurance professionals are licensed and experienced and are committed to providing solid insurance products at a price that fits within your budget. We welcome our current and prospective customers to call our offices now. Desktop users can dial us, mobile users can tap to call the University Drive location (919) 416-4900 or Avondale Drive (919) 688-8289.


Cheap Car Insurance and Other Auto Insurance


Our experienced staff members care about the coverage you or your business will need including:


  • Auto Insurance: Whether your driving record is impeccable or tarnished, the licensed agents in Durham will provide you choices for insurance that is specific to your needs. Our agents will search for the most affordable home business, and auto insurance in Durham with the lowest monthly payments available.
  • Motorcycle Insurance: With over a quarter million motorcycles registered in North Carolina, our licensed professionals in Durham are ready to meet your needs. Our motorcycle policies provide liability, property damage, collision, and many other optional coverages that allow us to design the most affordable policy for your motorcycle that will fit within your budget.
  • Commercial Insurance – The licensed professional in Durham are experienced in commercial insurance as well as personal insurance. Whether you are a one-person contractor or an established business with a fleet of vehicles, our licensed professionals will design the most solid and affordable commercial vehicle policy specific to your needs.
  • Homeowners Insurance – Whether mortgaged or purchased in full, your home is likely to be your most valuable asset. The professionals at Protective Agency will design a veil of coverage around your home at the most affordable rates with financing that will fit within your budget.
  • Renters Insurance – Whenever and wherever you rent, your landlord’s insurance will not help protect your belongings or you if you are found liable for third-party injuries. Protective Agency’s licensed professionals are available for a free and confidential quote for renter’s insurance from a highly-rated company at an affordable rate.


For a free and confidential quote for home, business, or auto insurance in Durham, we encourage our current and prospective customers to call our office or visit our location closest to you.


Car Insurance With Low Down Payment Is Our Priority


The insurance professionals in Durham understand that car insurance with low down payment and service after the sale is a top customer priority, and it is for our team of agents as well. We know that outstanding customer service and claims service provides a path to a long-term relationship, and that is the goal is we strive for. Feel free to call or come by one of our offices to make changes to your home, business, or auto insurance in Durham or to make a payment on your account.



For great rates and experienced insurance information, please visit or call our office in Durham closest to you. If you’re new to North Carolina or not sure of the location nearest you, visit us online at ProtectiveAgency.Com