Car Insurance with a Suspended License

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Losing your driver’s license can add immediate stress to your life. No matter what the reason may be for your license suspension, you will endure the disadvantages that come with losing your driving privileges. You immediately find yourself unable to complete the everyday life activities like driving to work or running errands. And even after you gain back your driving freedom, the consequences of your actions still have a grave impact, especially when it comes to purchasing a car insurance policy.


Why Do I Need Car Insurance if My License is Suspended?

If you are driving with a restricted license, or if you recently had your driver’s license suspended and recently got it back, getting a new car insurance policy can be a hassle. You will have to pay a higher premium or take out a specific policy designed for these instances.


For most drivers with a suspended license, once they lose their license, they are not legally allowed to drive for a specified period. However, there are some circumstances where these drivers may be allowed to get behind the wheel like driving to work or other pre-determined locations. For that reason, you may need a car insurance policy, even after losing your driving privileges.


A temporary license, also known as a hardship or restricted license, may be provided to you if you meet the eligibility requirements. These licenses allow you to drive a vehicle to and from work or school. They may also be used to drive to routine medical appointments or to drive another member of the household to receive medical care.


Because most states require drivers to be insured, you will still need car insurance even if you have a hardship or restricted license. Sometimes a car insurance provider will allow you to continue using your current insurance policy. Others may not because you are now considered a high-risk driver. Always shop around when looking for a new car insurance plan. Several companies offer policies specifically designed for high-risk drivers that will not cost a fortune.


All You Need to Know About SR-22 Car Insurance

In some states, drivers with a suspended license must file an SR-22 to have their license reinstated. An SR-22 is a form that an insurance company submits with the state’s DMV. This form lets the DMV know that you are insured. The insurance provider then must inform the department of motor vehicles if that specific car insurance policy is cancelled for any reason in the future.


The DMV requires you to obtain car insurance, so you can eventually get your driving privileges back.  Doing this is also a way for them to keep a close eye on you as well.


In most cases, an SR-22 is a requirement following a DUI or anytime a driver is involved in an accident, and they do not have insurance.


Typically, most states will require that you keep your SR-22 on file for at least three years. And you are at risk of a driver’s license suspension repeat if your SR-22 car insurance has a lapse in coverage or cancelled.


Can Everyone with a Suspended License Regain Driving Privileges by Filing an SR-22?

There are many reasons why you may lose your driver’s license. And in some cases, filing an SR-22 will not help. When that occurs, you will need to obtain car insurance on a suspended license. This can happen if you lost your driving privileges due to unpaid tickets, failure to appear in court, failure to pay child support, and various other reasons.


Driving is considered a privilege and one form of punishment following a crime would be to revoke an individual’s license. This is to encourage drivers to get their lives back on track. By keeping a car insurance policy active, whether it is an SR-22 policy or another type of suspended license, insurance, you are showing that you are trying to do the right thing.


How to Find Affordable Car Insurance with a Suspended License

After losing your driver’s license, you should get in contact with your current car insurance company to find out what your options are with them. If they are unable to help you, or if they do not offer the type of insurance for drivers with a suspended license you need, it is time to look elsewhere for more attainable and affordable options.


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