What Can Make My Auto Insurance Premiums Increase After One Year?

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

It can be quite frustrating seeing your car insurance premiums go up after just one year. This is especially true if you’ve had a clean driving record for the whole year. If you have no claims and your car is only a year older, it doesn’t make sense that the insurance company is charging you more.


Once you understand the insurance industry, you know that premiums tend to rise no matter what a driver does. Higher premiums are how car insurance companies keep shareholders happy.


Luckily, if you know the system, then you can find ways to save money and limit any potential increase. That’s where we come in at Protective Agency. As experienced insurance industry agents, we’re here to help protect your low rates.


Why Auto Insurance Premiums Rise?


We looked through years of data and took our personal experiences into account to dial in why rates rise each year. Throughout this process, we found nine common reasons why your auto insurance premium may be increasing each year:



  • Car Accident



If you get in a car accident, your rates will rise. This is a fact and not debatable. When you get in a wreck, the car insurance company immediately deems you as a high-risk driver. Once you have this qualification, you’ll pay more in premiums each year.


In the United States, a car crash will increase what you pay for insurance by around $450 per year on average. In certain states, that number is over $800-1,000 more per year just because you got into a fender-bender.



  • Speeding Ticket



Insurance companies don’t like to see speeding tickets on your driving record. A speeding ticket shows them that you’re a risk to their company. As such, when you get a speeding ticket, your car insurance premiums will increase the following year.



  • DUI



Any driving violation will cause your car insurance premiums to go up. A DUI will cause your rate to skyrocket. Many drivers who get DUIs find their premiums have increased by 20-30% the following year – even if their driving record was spotless before and after the DUI.



  • Change of Address



Certain neighborhoods, cities, and states have higher rates of accidents, theft, and damages. If you move from a relatively safe area to somewhere that accidents or theft are common, there’s a good chance your premiums will increase. Car insurance companies now see you as a higher risk, so you’ll end up paying more.  



  • Canceling Other Policies



Combining home insurance or another policy with your insurance company could cause your rates to increase. As insurers give discounts to people who bundle coverage, they will raise your rate if you take your homeowners’ insurance coverage to a different company – as you’ll no longer qualify for the multi-policy discount.



  • Changing Jobs



Surprisingly, some individuals find their car insurance premiums go up once they change jobs or careers. You may now be driving a longer distance to work, which will increase your rates. Also, many insurers offer employer group discounts, professional discounts, and more.



  • Medical Issues



If you’ve recently been diagnosed with a medical issue, your car insurance rates could skyrocket. Many medical conditions increase your risk on the road and will lead to premium hikes from the insurer.



  • Different Payment Plan



You’ll typically get a car insurance discount if you pay for the whole year of coverage up front. If you switch how you pay for a month-to-month plan, it’s likely you’ll see premiums increase.


As well, insurance companies often change financing terms or add new service charges when the New Year rolls in. These changes can affect how much you pay in premiums.



  • Errors Are Common



Last, but not least – remember – no insurance company is perfect. Humans run these businesses and humans are prone to making mistakes. If you think your rate increase is unfounded, get on the phone and speak with your local agent. Voice your concerns and see what they can do.


You can always shop around if you believe the insurance company tried to pull a fast one on you and hike your premiums up too high. Even the threat of changing insurers will usually have your agent scrambling to see how they can change the rate for you.


Why Did My Car Insurance Premiums Increase?


If you’re curious why your car insurance premiums increased, the reasons listed above should help you figure things out. Car insurance rates are bound to go up unless you keep a crystal-clear driving record.


If you think your increase is too much, get in touch with your agent and find out what happened.