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Account & Mod number:

In order to find your financed balance and payment amount we need your Account and Mod number. Your Account number should be the same as your Policy number. Your Mod number refers to which renewal term your policy is in. If this is your first 6-month term your Mod number would be ‘0’, if second 6-month term your Mod number would be ‘1’, etc.

On any correspondence from Better Budget (the finance department of Protective Agency) your Account number and Mod will look like ‘1234567- 1’, where ‘1234567’ is account number and ‘1’ is the Mod number.

Zip Code:

To verify your account you must also enter the same 5-digit zip code as we have listed for your address.

Please note:

If your policy is up for renewal you must contact your nearest Protective Agency to set up your renewal.

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